"There is always a reason...", explains Donald Bingham Schmitt, discussing his unique perspective on the art of design. "It can be almost anything - a mirror, a plant, a red wagon, a rusty iron chair, a photograph - but there is always a reason for it. I design environments for people and purpose" ...

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We provide full interior design services. Residential, commercial and retail fine interior design, from Contemporary to Victorian, Classic Moderne with a Rocco flourish, Classic Traditional, beautifully elegant modern designs. Whatever your design needs are, we bring creative, functional, realistic and cost effective solutions.

About Mr. Schmitt

"There is always a reason…", explains Donald Bingham Schmitt, discussing his unique perspective on the art of design. "It can be almost anything – a mirror, a plant, a red wagon, a rusty iron chair, a photograph – but there is always a reason for it. I design environments for people and purpose. Therefore, the objects, colors and layouts I employ will always have relevance to the person, or people, who live in that environment. It may not make any sense at the beginning, but it will when I am finished. Whether I'm designing an entire home, a single room or a work environment, I find the elements that will illuminate and bring harmony to my client's personality, life, work and passion. If I can't find them, I design and produce them. Everything in my life to this point in time contributes to this effort. From the time I was a child I have had an interest in fine art, that interest has never left me."

"Through my experience at Wittenberg University and NYU, along with my hands on training, living and working in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Florida, my understating of art and design has become mature. Natural. Part of my everyday life. This training, practice and daily exposure to the arts helped me to develop an acute sensitivity to and an intuition for people-what they love, what they are attracted to and what they are afraid of. What I work at today is to discover why."

"Understanding why helps my design both aesthetically and emotional. If my clients have anything in common, it's in their satisfaction with how their space makes them feel... because let's face it, space is space. It's how it feels that really matters. I design for my clients, not myself. I understand their needs, their budgets and their personalities. That makes my design relevant, revealing and effective."


We Care About Serving Our Clients ANd Enriching Lives Through Natural Design

Color Specification

Special color consultation is a program to evaluate the colors for a specific space. With Don’s intuitive design skills, he develops a color palette that resonates to your specific and personal needs.


A full and complete accessory selection and placement, inspiring you with regard to your own personal collection. We will utilize your existing pieces, specify new pieces as necessary, and work to place accessories in a harmonious and attractive assemblage.


This service is particular helpful to people retiring or moving to assisted living, or simply wanting to eliminate access stuff. i.e. things you still have from your college dorm room or your Mom's garage.

Model Home Design

Model décor specifically suited to your specific market and demographic. To create elements within the model that will showcase specific architectural elements that will upgrade your product but no your cost.


From a consultation and discussion, to full implementation, we can offer beneficial suggestions and staging ideas that will increase your visual value.


Interior space has extraordinary effects on our wellness and productivity. Space, color, materials, energy and light are tools to create healthy environments.


Complete Solutions For All Of Your Design Needs


What Our Clients Are Saying

"His talent and vision are things I have come to rely on in many aspects of my life. Because he is so dependable, I have trusted him not only to decorating my homes but also planning events for me."
-Joanne Antoniou

I have used Don in a designer capacity on a 10,000 sq ft. renovation project of a 1904 townhome since 2005. In this project he has an uncanny ability to just know the appropriate colors and placement as well type of furniture to use throughout.
-Dr. Keith Jordan

Don has an amazing eye for color, ability to cusromize furniture, and renew pieces that are old and beat up with new fabrics. He has helped us to restore our grandfathers's prized posessions, and placed then in our contemporary house to create an eclectic look that we get many compliments on.
- Dr. Phil and Adrienne Goldberg


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